Product Introduction of Fly Dragon Lighting Equipment CO.,LTD



                            Waterproof 440W moving beam---IP3000


LIGHTSKY’s IP3000 is the first 440W waterproof moving beam light in the world , IP44 rate. High quality cooling system which realize wind IN , but water NO. without any dome,  it could use in the outdoor directly under any storm and raining weather . IP3000 could help customer save the installation/ delivery cost , and enhance the safety and convenience . Moreover, it applied to  Eurovison 2016.

IP3000 adopts OSRAM Sirius HRI 440W S lamp, the brightness reaches 24,000Lm, which is same bright as traditional 3000W search light , but it is 85%  energy-saving than 3000W search light.  Moreover ,IP3000 with φ183 professional optical lens set and design , CMY+11 color filter, 11+1 fixed gobo wheel ,16+32 facet prism etc function, which make IP3000 awesome and fantastic.




       Full Color ,Full Color Temperature LED profile –Colorful 6800Lm34


 LIGHTSKY’s Colorful 6800Lm34 is the first FULL COLOR, FULL COLOR TEMPERATURE, HIGH CRI, HIGH TLCI , full function 250W LED profile in the world . which allows the stage lighting say good bye to color paper , breaks the cold color temperature and warm color temperature must in separate fixture‘s stalemate. Moreover , Colorful 6800Lm34’ is 30% brighter than traditional 750W profile , and also 70% energy saving than 750W profile.

From 3200K to 7000K , the CRI and TLCI keep from 91 to 97,  Red, Red Orange, Green Mint, Blue , Indigo , six basic color can create any color you need , flicker free , 65536 class dimmer , 0.8MhzPUM refresh frequency . high quality cooling system . make Colorful 6800Lm34 deserve your attention .


                                                       1000W moving PROFILEF1000


LIGHTSKY’s F1000 series is the highest level fixture ,which have Made-In –Germany parts, patents, high CRI etc, it could satisfy the requirement of grand theatre . In 2015 , F1000 profileapplied to the Gala of 70th anniversary of the victory of the world's anti-Fascist war in the Great Hall of the People.

F1000 profile‘s color temperature is from 6200K to 6500K , the CRI is 93. With 168mm diameter professional optical  lens , the lamp’s luminous efficiency reaches 18.06Lm/W, 7 times focus, and zoom angle is from 6.5 to 44 degree. High quality cooling system , noiseless and multifunction .